Two Chefs Walk Into A Wine Bar….

We have the wonderful pleasure to work with the 2016 BOB Charlotte winner in the wine bar category, Foxcroft Wine Co.  I happened to be chatting with the two main guys behind the scene at the original location in the Southpark area. For a few months now, on my visits, I would walk to the back office, located behind the very tiny closet-sized kitchen and I would pass these two guys, with the sounds of some awesome Ipod playlist, jamming and singing while mastering up the evening’s special or cutting up the meats for the charcuterie selection.

I was enamored with the fact that these two guys could have so much fun at their job and had to find out more. How could two people be so happy every single day at their jobs? So the answer was simple….They love what they do and where they do it. They were kind enough to give me five minutes of their time–well played after a beer tasting they just had, to answer my questions.

  1. What makes you most passionate about your work?
    • Chef Chris: I enjoy what I do!
    • Chef Tim: I love happy customers and empty plates coming back
  2. Who would be your dream customer?
    • Chef Chris: Katy Perry
    • Chef Tim: Chef Rene Redzepi
  3. Why did you get into your profession?
    • Chef Chris: I have always enjoyed cooking and grew up watching my mother cooking and loved it
    • Chef Tim: I grew up with restaurants in my family and I am a creative type so I love to cook
  4. Favorite Hot Spot In Charlotte?
    • Chef Chris: I don’t know because I am new and I don’t go out much
    • Chef Tim: Still being relatively new, I would say Jack Beagle in NoDa
  5. Favorite Style Icon?
    • Chef Chris: I’m just a hippie 🙂
    • Chef Tim: Hannibal Lecter From the TV Series
  6. What has Pai CPA done for your business? (Shameless Plug)
    • Chef Chris: Got our S*** in order!
    • Chef Tim: I get to work with the prettiest accountant in all of Charlotte! (Ha, I did not pay him to say that)

And this is the reason I love my job! #summerblogseries #paicpa #ourclients

Challenging the Status Quo, Nesha


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