The Entrepreneurial Ocean: Play Big

Once you take the leap into entrepreneurship, you are no longer in a safe backyard pond, but rather in a vast ocean full of the unknown.

When it comes to owning your own business, there are some truths, at least in my own personal experience:

Truth #1: People like to do business with people they like and can relate to

Truth #2: The entrepreneurial path is not for the meek, the faint of heart, the quiet, or the uber-private person

Truth #3: You have to ‘fake it ’til you make it” or at least act like you know what you are doing and figure it out fast

Truth #4: If you don’t put yourself out there, a bigger fish will definitely come in take over your territory

Here are my tips in how to play big and keep winning:

  1. Be the CEO/Founder/Owner/President on all of your social media platforms. You have officially earned the right to be called that. Furthermore, even if you aren’t keen on titles, the rest of the world is and in order to get someone’s attention (most likely another C-Suite level executive), you need to be someone they see as a peer
  2. Dress the part. Personal branding now becomes significant. You are your business and your business is you. Hire a personal stylist to help you set the tone for how you should be dressing. There are very affordable ones out here.
  3. Be heard and seen. If no one knows who you are, how can they do business with you? Write blog posts, go to networking events, build relationships with people who can help you build your business. Also, people need to see YOU and a glimpse of your personal life, so they can see if you are someone they have something in common with, or that you stand for something that they do. Show the world how human you are and that they can relate to you. Vulnerability is a non-negotiable.
  4. Arm yourself. Learn everything you can about being an entrepreneur. Read business books, listen to business podcasts from the experts, take workshops and surround yourself with mentors who have done it before you. You need to know a little of everything from marketing, understanding your financial statements, and how to navigate through social media.
  5. Take Fear out of your vocabulary. Fear has no place in this space. You will fail and in fact need to fail at something in order to succeed. It isn’t just a cliche it is truth. As Brene Brown says, you don’t need the opinion of everyone in the cheap seats, only the ones in the arena with you, who are also getting their asses kicked.

If you don’t play big, you won’t survive. Don’t get swallowed up by a whale!

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