During COVID-19 Crisis: “We have a lot of great people on our team and Nesha Pai and Tanya Loseke at Pai CPA, PLLC are of no exception. They jumped in the fox hole and helped us weather the storm.”

Jay Nazziolla ,Founder + Drummer, Reckless Kelly

During COVID-19 Crisis:”Without a great CPA, you are taking huge risks in today’s climate.  Immediate attention and solid work fundamentals are the core behind PaiCPA. Nesha and her team give me the ability to remain calm, knowing they have the right combination of brilliance, guidance and solutions.”

Scott Brown ,CEO, Scott Brown Media Group

“Pai CPA has been invaluable in providing accounting support to our architecture firm. They stepped into the void left by a staff member leaving and we were able to seamlessly continue functioning. Any concerns we had about outsourcing this function were alleviated by their professionalism, responsiveness and willingness to help with any questions we have.  A year in and we are still extremely satisfied with the services provided and would highly recommend them.”

Tim & Sharon Johnston, Owners , C.L. Helt Architects

“Switching CPA services was a big deal for me. I had been with another company for 10 years. The moment I sat down with Nesha and her team, I knew it was the right decision! There are not enough words in the human dictionary to describe the value Pai CPA has brought to me and my business! They are detailed, professional and passionate about what they do. They are able to answer my questions and help me devise a plan to take my company to the next level. To say it simply, Nesha and her team are able to put a very overactive imagination at ease and that is invaluable for me. During the Covid-19 pandemic, it was Nesha who kept me updated with exactly what was happening regarding small business. She is brilliant, creative and leads with her heart. I am a client for life!”

Jessica Law, Owner, The Dog Salon

“Nesha is literally the savior of our finances. She has cleaned up the biggest mess we were left with from our previous CPA. During this COVID-19 pandemic, not only has she been the best financial guide, but she has worked just as hard on helping secure the future of our company as if it was her own. She is not only a great addition to our team, but a friend whom we trust, love, and are grateful for.”

Kenna Ehman, Co-Owner, Kenna Kunijo Salon

“You aren’t just a part of our team, you are family”
Stratos Lambos, Owner & Restaurateur , Xenia Hospitality Group

“As a business owner and the Medical Director of a medical practice for over 13 years, I have recognized the tremendous importance of having a team of reliable, trustworthy, and meticulous people working for the business. This is especially important when it comes to financial records and bookkeeping and I could not be more satisfied with Nesha Pai Singer and her team at Pai CPA.  I have known Nesha more many years and can confidently say that she and her team exemplify the best in the business. Always timely, accurate, responsive, and accommodating, I could not ask for more when it comes to the responsibilities with which they have been entrusted.”
Dr. Reza Mozayeni, MD , Providence Eye & Laser

“Working with Nesha has been such a pleasure! Not only is she excellent in her understanding of accounting laws, she is friendly, prompt, and very professional. I highly recommend her services to other athletes and my associates.”
Sara McMann , Olympic Medalist and UFC Pro Athlete

“As a business owner I tend to be cautious by nature. As my business began to expand I came to the point of needing outside help in managing my daily bookkeeping and accounts payable; something I had always done. It was a big step letting go. Pai CPA, PLLC has made that transition seamless. They’re a breeze to work with and treat my business as their own. All of my managers love them and they’ve freed me up to work on my business rather than in it. As a result productivity and profit are both moving in the right direction. Highly recommended.”
Conrad Hunter, Owner , Foxcroft Wine Co.

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