Story of Pai

Pai CPA, PLLC, is regarded as one of the most creative accounting firms in the Queen City. That’s due in large part to the woman who started it all, Nesha Pai. It was a lack of creativity, diversity, and equality that propelled Nesha into a category of what many of her clients classify themselves–entrepreneurs. After multiple years in a corporate environment, Nesha’s entrepreneurial spirit burst, and she walked away from the security and stability of a corporate position to embark on what would lead to her own business.
Most people would have had doubts, second thoughts, and called up their closest friends and family members to assuage their worry. Not Nesha. Even though she was a single mother and walking out of a job that she had invested five years in, Nesha was already thinking of logo designs as she walked to the parking lot. That drive and commitment have only been further fueled by the growth that Pai CPA, PLLC has met in the years following its beginnings; beginnings that started at a kitchen table in Nesha’s home.
Nesha was born to an immigrant father who came to American soil eager to make a life and a mark. In much the same way, Nesha continued this tradition by her dedication to cultivating a financial firm that reflected her values, integrity, and personality. She knew two things: she loved what she did, and she could be a pioneer in making it better. Unlike most accounting firms, Pai operates creatively and authentically. Nesha herself has often been described as a fashionable extrovert—you know when she arrives. It’s this flair and color that Nesha insisted should resonate through the growth of Pai CPA, PLLC. Accounting could be fun. It could embrace the values, differentiators and creative angles of businesses. That’s what Pai CPA, PLLC has consistently done for clients–all of whom have been referrals.
From one initial partnership, Pai CPA, PLLC has garnered and retained close to 60 small business and middle-market clients. From restaurateurs, professional services, medical services, hair salons, and a country rock band, Pai CPA stays true to its roots of entrepreneurial determination and support. At the end of the day, for Nesha and the Pai CPA family, the earnings are in the relationships. Pai CPA and their clients are like family; the Pai family often says ‘we’ve got your back,’ and that reality is felt throughout the clientele experiences. Businesses trust Pai CPA and Nesha for their reputation for integrity and willingness to address matters head-on. It’s a trait that Nesha puts at the forefront of each business relationship, and at each of Pai’s paths to growth.
Nesha’s entrepreneurial spirit and giving nature has grown into a more prominent frame. In 2016, Nesha launched ‘Pai Networking’ in order to bring opportunities to business owners and employees looking to dig into what the Queen City offers as far as authentic partnerships and business relationships. What has also been born from this venture, are genuine friendships. The year 2017 saw Pai CPA’s entrance into a new office space, as well as the development of an entrepreneur-dedicated podcast titled “Piece of the Pai.” In the beginning of 2020, Nesha launched her first published book, “Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles” and it garnered a warm welcome.  It’s a long way from the kitchen table and one client. It’s still nowhere near where Nesha Pai plans to go. And as the pioneer of Pai CPA, PLLC, Nesha aims to make those plans as colorful as possible along the way.
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