“Show Me The Money”—Why I Took the Leap into Being an Entrepreneur

So I am often asked why I took the leap into opening my own little firm….

The honest quick answer is that I was kind of forced into it. It was not pretty, but as stubborn as I am, I usually have to be led to the top of the cliff to jump. But even before that, my mind was always filled with creativity and daydreams of being my own boss one day. I clearly remember the day I made the decision and acted upon it. I literally Jerry Maguire’d (yes I made it a verb) out of my job and company. It was a scene fit for the movie and if there were goldfish I would have taken them too. As I walked out into the parking lot to my car, totally stunned at what I had just done, visions of my logo design and color came to me. But more than that, my one big client came with me. They believed in me and because of that I knew I had something special to build upon. I had always been passionate about entrepreneurs so it was fit that not only I become one but that I help others as well. Entrepreneurialism is in my professional hard-wiring, and four years later, I finally am comfortable with it.

I talk to so many people who want to be one, who have incredible ideas but are scared to take the leap. Here are some of my tips:

1. Test the idea first. If it is a service, do a few free case studies. If it is a product, give it away to a sample group.

2. Create a Business Plan.

3. Give to get. Educating your target market will go a long way. Perhaps you have found a niche that hasn’t been served well, or served at all. People want to know how you are different or how you can do it better.

4. Talk to every successful entrepreneur you know. I am sure I talked to 50 around the time I made my decision. I wanted to know their failures and struggles.

5. Talk to a CPA and a Business Attorney to understand how to set your business up.

6. Brand yourself. If you don’t start in the beginning, you won’t get very far. Branding IS the cornerstone of a successful business. Get the help of marketing folks and graphic designers.

7. Social Media. The power is omnipotent. Enough said.

8. JUST DO IT. You never know if you don’t try.

9. Expect rejection and failure. I don’t have to tell you about Steve Jobs or Michael Jordan.

10. Don’t get too comfortable. Network, network, network. Come up with solutions. Keep up with the changing times.

11. Never Give Up.

If this interests you and you want to know more about this topic, email Nesha at nesha@paicpapllc.com

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    Great advice and insight

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