Leadership….Lessons Learned

I just got back from my 4th Annual Deeper Weekend Conference, of my rebel CPA group, Thriveal CPA Network. As I sit here, freshly back from the conference, I am reflecting on the amazing time I had.  I always come back more inspired and ready to implement something new I learned from one of our top notch speakers. Our fearless leader, Jason Blumer (pictured below) had the boldness to start this amazing group 7 years ago. He is someone that has created change in our profession, a true leader who leads from the heart. In this particular instance, I did not have to draw upon our Stanford speaker for inspo (though he was amazing as well!), I just had to go to Greenville, SC to this guy.  As Jason spoke, he talked about the very dark & twisted (Grey’s Anatomy) path he had just been down the past 2 years, questioning himself as a leader. He talked about his emotional breakdown and how much he had beat himself up. I sat there in the audience wondering if we had parallel lives. I had the most difficult year, that led me to questioning myself in many areas of my life. See, Leadership is not just professional, it is personal as well. I felt that I failed as a mother and a business owner/CEO for many reasons. Reasons that I made up.

Jason spoke of the lessons he learned as a leader in these past 2 years from his breakdown, and I wanted to jump up and say ME TOO!!!

  1. What are You Hiding From? LEADERS DON’T HIDE FROM THINGS
  2. What Messy things are you avoiding by avoiding people? LEADERS MOVE CLOSER TO PEOPLE
  3. What inherent gifts are you fighting that people tell you that you have? LEADERS EMBRACE THEIR GIFTS
  4. What are you not forgiving yourself for? LEADERS DON’T BEAT THEMSELVES UP OVER THE PAST

One more thing I would add for myself: LEADERS LET GO OF THE THINGS THEY CANNOT CONTROL

I just wanted to hug him—to know that we were kindred souls who had gone through the same thing. I went up to him afterwards and decided to make a promise. My promise was to LEAD the way I was born to…. and to CHARGE ahead.



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